Arch Linux Installation Tutorial

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In this video, I run through a basic Arch Linux install inside a virtual machine. I simply read through the Arch Wiki and follow the instructions. Piece of cake!


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  1. Thank you very much for the nice video! Especially that you didn't cut out or retried it until it worked, that always seems like you have to be the ultimative guru of the installation process and know about everything. I've installed Arch several times, too, but I always use the Wiki page "for beginners" for that, even though it is straight forward, it's still a good check list.

  2. Hello Derek! You might save some time in the future if you do it again.
    For the mirrors, you can either use rankmirrors in this way:
    rankmirrors -n 5 /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist > /etc/pacman.d/mymirrorlist (if the lines with Server are uncommented) followed by mv /etc/pacman.d/mymirrorlist /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist (change 5 to the number that suits your needs)
    If every line is commented then sed -i 's/^#Server/Server/g' /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
    followed by the same commands above
    Or you can use grep to isolate your servers one at a time. The first time you redirect the output to /etc/pacman.d/mymirrorlist. The next times you append the output to that same file and then mv /etc/pacman.d/mymirrorlist /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
    If you want your own editor of choice => export EDITOR=vim (or your preferred one)
    For your groups an alternative to the suggestion of tubelarasa is:
    for i in audio optical storage video wheel; do gpasswd -a derek $i; done
    For sed the best reference is:
    Best regards

  3. Why people so often jump right to these kinds of guides without even trying to justify first of all a "need" for the newbies to do so PRIOR to doing such installs? I think authors first of all need to convince newbies of why they "have to" do such elaborate installs. It has to be done PRIOR they even begin their guides. Before they even begin, newbies need to be educated and be fully aware that there exist several very good Arch-based distributions, which are easy to install. Much easier in fact then this classic Arch installation you demonstrate.

  4. Great tutorial just wanna point out you shouldnt edit the /etc/sudoers file directly u should run visudo and it will take you there. This is so u dont mess up the file(it will catch it) and only 1 person can access it at a time.

  5. Hey distrohuggers,

    I managed to bork my install of ROSA R10 LXQt after nearly a year of no problems. I was messing around with AMD drivers, and must have done something wrong. Anyways, I was ready to try something new. So I installed on hardware the latest release candidate of SparkyLinux 4.8 advertised today on Distrowatch. I am in Midori 0.5.11 now. My system is old Intel i5 with DDR3 RAM. Htop shows 786MB with 2 cores fluctuating around 10%. This is Debian 9 Stretch. It had kernel 4.9.82, but I just installed the 4.16.2 kernel using Aptus. ( I have not rebooted yet ). So far, everything seems to work. There was some things I had to click on after install that were over my head, but seemed like they were necessary. Those were post-install dialogues concerning all the proprietary codecs. LibreOffice is 5.2.7, which is older than I am accustomed to. The simple menu has a Office Installer which gives you the choice of all the popular office-suites. There is a similar installer for web-browser. Thunar file-manager is 1.6.11. Task manager is from LXDE ( LXTask 0.1.8 )

    I learned that Sparky is fully combatible with Debian which makes it different from the Ubuntus in the way it behaves.

    I installed using a wired connection ( using ROSA ImageWriter ). I was not paying attention to see if a wi-fi connection would have worked. I am in wi-fi now, and all works, and sound, keyboard, mouse ( trackball ) and monitor, and hardware all seem to work.

    I am going to reboot now, and hopefully come back and edit this.

    Okay, I am in the 4.16.2 kernel and all looks good. Used Synaptic to install Aisleriot Solitaire. It plays fine but looks slightly different then my ROSA version ( maybe fuzzier looking ). I am not sure about Midori, but the Web Installer Dialogue has every fricking web-browser Linux has to offer ( just not sure which version they offer ).

  6. Excellent vid/tut DT!
    A couple of years ago I installed Arch in a similar way, following instructions from another great vid. I then found it informative as one can actually see what's going on behind all those (graphical/non-graphical) installers. I'm still using that installation.
    If I have to put an Arch installation on other computers however I tend to use the Feliz script installer from the fabulous Liz Mills which never fails me (don't know you covered that one already). This because it's much faster of course and obviously it's less prone to make mistakes or forget essential steps.

    Ah yes, as you probably know you can add users to multiple groups simultaneously by omitting the spaces between the groups like this
    usermod -aG wheel,audio,video,storage,optical user
    And I would always install os-prober before generating the bootloader. Of course in a virtualbox it's not needed but on real hardware it very likely is.

    However, great tutorial as mentioned earlier! There aren't many easy to follow, well explained plain Arch installation tuts (at least, not when I needed them).
    Praise to you (and the unparaleleld Arch wiki!)!

    Good luck with your new challenge too. I won't go fully-terminal but will be following your journey with great interest.



  7. Back on rolling release? Whaaa!? Lol, just joshing:P I'm actually kind of surprised that you hadn't decided to just straight Arch sooner, considering the kind of user you strike me as being. It's minimal, and prioritizes user control first and foremost. It's great. Love it.

  8. I'm glad a lot of linux youtubers are doing an arch installation tutorial recently, it's good to have up to date guides every so often so new users don't try to do things that don't work anymore.

  9. I will say from experience that don't skip the mirror list. I made the Fatal mistake of not editing that list, and sometimes it's okay, but a lot of times it's not. I've had good success with just putting us as the first three or four in the list. That would be my big tip with installing Arch Linux, otherwise you're going to be frustrated.

  10. [ Smiles ] Derek, you have got mad skills (Impressive)!

    However, I do not think that I am ready to install Arch Linux.

    I will stick with Manjaro Linux; which is based on Arch Linux.

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