Arch Linux VS Ubuntu: is there a best one?

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Arch and Ubuntu (and their respective derivates) are probably the most popular distributions out there.
But is one of them better than the other? Let’s find out!

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  1. people complain about arch installation but u can have one installtion up and running in 20~30 minutes, easy. the part i dislike the most is formatting the disk so if i hv to do it ill use gparted before to prepare the disk and then start

  2. I realise that this was recorded prior to October 2016, but honestly, that's not really an issue. I've been using Arch for five years, with fewer breakages than my Ubuntu days. I would't use a graphical package manager on Arch, instead I have a couple of bash aliases which do all I need (upall in the commandline does a full upgrade, upaur does an AUR only upgrade, and how hard is it to remember -Ss to search a package?

    As for upgrading multiple machines, you don't. You upgrade a single test machine, When it works, a simple script will update your entire network unattended.

    That's not to say that Arch is for everyone. You have to understand your system and you have to understand the configuration, but once you do, not only is it cleaner than Ubuntu, but it is so much easier to maintain.

  3. Arch is damn hard at first, I got it with xfce and I was forced to install every little bit be it wifi, sound, printer. scanner … installed myself which was real pain, but man it's majestic when all the pieces fall in the right place, its really light, blazingly fast, and all in all a real joy to use. with Ubuntu although it was fine but I had some difficulties, the most troubling fact was that the decisions in the upper stream seemed to be really unexpected like all of sudden changing unity to move to gnome? doesn't suit my taste at least, I loved both gnome 3 and unity but it needed some relearning all the desktop all over, plus gnome need a decent hardware to run, unfortunately for me my laptop is almost 7 years old and although having 4 Gigs of ram, the CPU is just Pentium! I think most linux distros should be more performance oriented than aesthetics!

  4. The best distro is the one that works best for you and your system. Anyone who says that a certain distro is the best, is wrong. I use Arch, because it's the best for me and my system. I've been using Linux since 1995. At that time, there wasn't much of a choice. So my first distro was Slackware. Anyways, I know there are TONS of fanbois out there are ready to jump up and bash me for that. So, let the bashing begin.

  5. I hear a lot of people complain about how difficult Arch can be to install. Coming from the days of Gentoo's 24-hour install process, I find Arch to be highly simple on your average PC laptop. On average, it takes about 20 minutes tops to install and get everything up and running.

  6. Two completely different distros in my opinion. Arch is highly user-optimized from the initial install and is also for advanced *nix users who can handle bleeding-edge app releases vs Ubuntu which is a more user-friendly distro that is preferred by *nix new-comers.

  7. Tried all sort of distros (even the most bizarre/specific ones) and ended with Debian. Now that I feel a little bit more mature in Linux I tried Arch. Installation was the easiest of all distros I've tried and the most useful too, as you do it from a non-graphical live with a lot of tools (not the silly busybox from Debian installer). Other things like documentation (with all emphasis on this), installing stuff, drivers, updates, package management etc are just great and work OTB. Not to mention the huge number of packages and things like AUR and PKGBUILDS

    As someone who have experimented a lot in UNIX world (including BSDs and other nixes), I very heavily recommend *Arch Linux.

  8. Arch is way better than Ubuntu when we speak about internal system stuff and tools, Manjaro with pamac is sooo good and easy to use. But being fair, Ubuntu is way more stable, and Unity reached an usability level better than any other DE ever had, its just so good and easy. Yes I know, its heavy as hell, but man, its so good.

  9. Saying that Arch is the best is like saying "I love this Linux Kernel, best distro ever! It may require a litle work to install systemd and command line and GUI and all the drivers, but after the work is done, it's super awesome! Linux kernel is so much better than Ubuntu!". Of course the best distro ever is an empty document file, filezise 0 kt. I write the whole kernel and all other things myself with C++, and that's the convinient and easy way, since I would really only need a keyboard with two buttons, 1 and 0, no monitor required.

  10. To answer your question: I got around 25 Arch-Machines. 🙂

    Well, updating is a call of my Ansible and it's updating everything. Hand tweaks? Well might be once a year. Never had really issues with Arch Updates. Linux software is usually pretty stable.

    Surely you can rely on a moving target like Arch. Since updates on Ubuntu are issued also all the time, if you would update several thousand machines you're likely end with different versions as well.

    So maintaining an own mirror server which you can step forward manually at these scale of operations is mandatory, which is the same for Arch as well as Ubuntu. As well as rolling updates to your cluster is also mandatory and handled automatically by Ansible.

    A orchestral for Arch and Ubuntu reduce the work to a single script call or click on both platforms, so I don't buy your point, I guess you're just biased.

  11. I have been watching these videos about how you talk about the "problems of linux" and there is a real problem with linux
    it doesn't have a functioning magnifier like in windows , i am visually impaired and it means a lot to me and i think it will mean a lot to other people

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