Archlinux vs Debian/Ubuntu

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Archlinux is a better day to day developer’s Linux distribution. The rolling release and simple packaging are a godsend compared to the bureaucracy of Debian.


  1. I tried Manjaro, Antergos for a month, each,and then I switched to Arch one week ago, I'm already loving it. I've tried a number of distros, fedora,Debian,Ubuntu,Mint,CentOS,OpenSUSE. Nothing just suited. me. I love Arch predominantly because of it's documentations and forums. And AUR of course .BTW, I installed Arch following your UEFI tutorial.

  2. I'm building up a respectful opinion about you, but after watching your explanations with much attention, I could only identify subjectives opinions about why Arch is a better choice over Debian (I totally dismiss Ubuntu as an option for me). 

    Even so, thanks for your attempt to shed a different light on the matter. Subjective opinions are of great value to those who understand that important choices require some thinking time. Thanks again.

  3. After watching tons of other videos and getting so close to a working dual boot install, your 10 minute video was a godsend, it game me the last piece of the puzzle – use bootctl instead of grub! But now how do I remove the changes that grub made on install?

  4. Well I am just testing Debian (I did a minimal install with openbox desktop) stable on very very weak system and compared to my Archlinx (also openbox) it works better, is faster and it never crashes while I am constantly having problems with Archlinux. Archlinux looks nice and gets unstable packages fast but there is nothing more important than stability in long term.

  5. I'm a fairly "advanced" user when it comes to Windows. I've been using, troubleshooting, tinkering with, programming in, and gaming on Windows for years. I've messed with Linux on and off through the years. From a noob standpoint, Arch is much more difficult to find solutions to….heck even just to get installed. Since I ditched Windows about a year ago, I'd say my biggest struggle is package management. I find Debian based distros are much easier to get stuff installed, then Arch. That being said, I am a big advocate for peer reviewed content. Having "signed" developers doesn't mean content can't be bad *cough kaspersky cough*. I have this issue with Linux in general. As a community everyone touts how much better than Windows they are, but then everyone just links to repos all willy nilly. To get anything worthwhile installed outside of the software managers, you've got to add a repo that you have no idea what is going on without some pretty in depth looking.

    That's just my two cents as a noob.

  6. I converted to Antergos, and I love it to micro-bits. Using the Cinnamon desktop which speaks to my muscle memory better then the others the installer blessedly offers. Plus it actually installed and found my equipment bits, I am running it on a Lenovo T430 I found on Amazon. I am a Mac user otherwise, but am so happy with Linux. Thank you for you passion and light instead of heat. Please don't stop.

  7. Ease of packaging any old thing and posting it on the AUR definitely clinched it for me. Plus the installation. Yes it does take getting used to, but once you've learned how to do it you can install it any which way you like, with or without luks encryption and whatever. It's faster and less error-prone and you can do more with it than with graphic installers.

  8. Antergos is fantastic, it offers the best KDE & Gnome experience I have had to date. Once you use the AUR it is hard to use anything else. Staying current on packages and the kernel is another big plus.

  9. Lot of people got turned off due to non booting system after regular updates recently… Most stable of course would be Debian Stable OR never update your installation.

  10. If you think Arch is so great, I dare you to run arch-audit on your machine and post output.I'm on the Arch too, but its a ticking bomb, no doubt about that. At least it has ZFS for snapshots but what has been hacked cant be unhacked unfortunately.

  11. I cannot stand the comic book appearance of Antergos. Why did they choose a goofy looking theme? Antergos with a polished Mate or Gnome desktop would be great. And can't someone block …. that " Want to learn Linux in 5 days" red hair troll ?

  12. Thumbs up. I would add that as a developper, AUR script are easy to understand, they are like shell scripts, with the philosophy of a makefile.

    I just don't agree about the systemd part. systemd is a spat on Linux. it is way too much complex, plays way too much roles, break too much of the legacy (ie I will never accept the binary logs).
    btw thanks to arch I am running openRC (Manjaro).

  13. I switched from Kali to Ubuntu to Arch in a matter of months. Now i've been using arch at home for over a year and i'm still amazed by the amount of packages everytime. I don't even go to google to check if there is a package out there that i want. I just use yaourt on my search term to first check if there is a package in the AUR. when you're through installation arch is so much more comfortable.

  14. I've just installed Manjaro which is based on Arch linux. I'm looking to
    install the lastest mongodb 3.4 though the AUR only has version 3.2.
    Can you point me the direction add the new version to the AUR regards

  15. To be honest, i've been a debian user for more than 10 years also, everything needed to install software starting from any pentesting script to the least complicated script is always streight forward and WORKS!, BUT .. using arch just for 1 day blew me aways i.e. no more looking for the dependancies because it drags it along saving you time to install them & always up2d8 packages !! one of the big dissapointments that was a big turnoff for me atleast was defaulting py3 & using httpd instead of the ye old regular apache2 .. that led me streight back to debian once again. other than those arch is mind blowing.

  16. At the moment between archlinux and ubuntu , arch is better for hardware compatibility , especially if you got an new amd card , or just an optimus , bumblebee works an absolute charm for me , also compiling is much faster and even just using pamac update in like 6 seconds for a larger 128 mb session ,

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