Art Tips – Wacom Pen and Tablet Fixes for Windows 10

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If you’re getting the frustrating “touch ring” lag, general cursor lag, loss of pressure sensitivity or other issues related to any Wacom tablets, you might find your answers here!

First off – you can update your Wacom tablet drivers here –

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  1. What a sad state of the industry, that the "preferable first way" to solve a problem with a device not properly working is to re-install the entire operating system. Seriously, this is pathetic. No, I'm not bashing you, I'm bashing Microsoft and more or less the entire software industry. But anyways, in my case, disabling the flicks shit seemed to solve the lag issue, so thanks for that.

  2. can you please give me the link for wacom bamboo fun 461, because it may take prior knowlege to know if an update works for it. can you please tell me which one does that?

  3. If you're using a pen and touch, a wacom bamboo thats older than most, heres what to do if you have the issue of the tablet being scene as a mouse and pen not working, just touch.

    Download the drivers from the wacom site for OLDER model, likely version 5.3.5-3 (as of this writing)
    Do a clean install, but run in compatibility mode for windows 8
    For me it did ask to reinstall it just said "Ok".

  4. MY BEST SOLUTION: Do everything explained in this video PLUS a few things in the "Pen and Touch" menu:          Check the "use the pen button as a right-click equivalent" box           Check the "use the top of the pen to erase ink" box           Hit ok.          NEXT go to your "Pen Settings" menu (find it in the search bar)- click "off" for every available option except  "show cursor" THEN choose "nothing" for every clicking option               Your Wacom should work fully now.

  5. when I go into wacom tablet properties I get a message saying:

    The tablet driver is not responding. Try turning off your computer and turning it back on again. If that does not work, please contact Customer Support, and we can help.

  6. My issue is my bamboo ctl-470 pen hovers over the tablet and it starts randomly zooming in to the canvas and won't let me draw anything on Paint tool sai 2 EVERY. FUCKING. TIME………. it's so damn annoying… my mouse and other tablet works fine, but my newest one doesn't……… WORST TABLET EVER.

  7. Thanks for the tips! I was having problems getting the pressure sensitivity to work in the first place. It was THROUGH some of these steps that I discovered what was causing the problem with my own tablet on Windows 10, so I'll share here in case someone has this problem again! With mine, I definitely had the lag, ripples, and pen flicks which i disabled as instructed.

    I could not go to Pen and Touch and neither could I go to the Wacom tablet properties because it kept telling me my device wasn't "connected". I went into device manager to look for it and hit troubleshoot… where at first it was giving me an error saying my USB 2.0 device was not compatible with USB 3.0 ports. I only have USB 3.0 on this new PC so out of frustration I unplugged it from one port and plugged it into another, and then clicked Troubleshoot… again, and suddenly it said my PC made changes so that the USB 3.0 will accept this device and reads it correctly now!

    Anyway thanks for helping me figure this out, I have had this new laptop since like March and spent hours trying to get it working at various points.

  8. Thank you very much!!! It worked for me and my Wacom Bamboo, I didn't had the same isssue BUT my Sketchbook Pro 7 Crosshair was offset, the thing you did here solved the problem.

  9. Im not sure if its to do with me not using/ putting in the disc that came with the tablet, but whenever i draw smaller lines, it stops my line, and a circle closes in on where my mouse was, and dissapears.
    idk how to solve this pls help :<

  10. Thank you so much. My sensitivity kept dropping and I had done a clean install and installed the wacom intuos 3 manually. But still would randomly loos sensitivity and have that ring thing. This seems to be working. Thank you. haha I'm on a deadline and can't keep having these issues.

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