ASRock Z370 Extreme4 Motherboard Review + Linux Test

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  1. UEFI Looks very similar to my ASrock X370 Killer Gaming X, configured fan profiles and reinstalled windows last night. New setup feels amazingly better than my windows 8.1 upgrade to 10 on intel then moved over to Ryzen. Random.

  2. It is fascinating to hear Woz talk about the early days but I'm so sick of people asking him about Apple. He had a long career after Apple and invented many things, but I want to know his thoughts on todays pc building and the latest motherboards, he use to make motherboards from scratch that were revolutionary. I would love to watch an interview with Wendell and Woz. Stop buying Apple products.

  3. outstanding. i just bought this board. hopefully you'll do the Gaming K6 if you haven't already. i have both of these boards and i'm interested in whether there is a difference with the power delivery for the cpu between the Extreme4, K6, and say the Tiachi? ASROCK doesn't have the "adaptive" voltage settings and it's the only flaw i can see other than losing 2 x sata ports for every M.2 you plug in. luckily it has 8 ports 2 via asmedia 1061 chipset. if you like your cpu clocking down and using less power, you'll have to make friends with "offset voltage" or break out your BLCK overclocking skills.

  4. Wendel, whats up ? Two easy mistakes back to back !

    M.2s like places that are actually hotter, not cooler. The hotter the flash the less voltage needs to be ran through it to undo the crystalisation.

    Second one was about the hdmi port. It hasNothing to do with igpus but rather the old obsolete hdmi 1.4 connector. Every decent z370 board with a hdmi 2.0 port will to 4k60fps on the igpu 😉

  5. Wheres the linux test on screen ???… and perhabs some sort of guide to ocing with the board, or some multi immu gpu setup being shown. hows the lanes divided. ?

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