Assembling an Intel NUC – i3 NUC6I3SYK & Windows 10 Pro Install

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For my first Video I will do an Assembling and testing the super fast, super small Intel NUC and show you how to install windows 10 Pro on it.


  1. I'm thinking of buying one of these to connect to my big screen tv to stream online sports like the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

    Do you think it has the power to handle streaming sports to a big screen tv?

  2. The one I just bought had a 256GB SSD built-in, Windows 10 pre-installed, and 8GB of memory built-in. I wouldn't buy all those things separately, that seems pointless and might not even be cheaper.

  3. Salut, j'aimerai avoir tes impressions sur ce petit intel NUC, car il m'intéresse bcp 🙂 Merci d'avance et est-ce vraiment nécessaire 250 Go de SSD et mieux vaut une version K ou H, sachant que c'est principalement pour une utilisation de visionnage de films principalement sur la TV et autres.

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