ASUS EEE PC 701 running Windows 7 ULTIMATE like a CHARM!

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Yep, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my little, 2 year old netbook and boy, it is running it with no problems at all. After the (nlited) install, I disabled the page file; moved the temp contents to the RAM disk to free up ~1GB space and now I have 1.8GB free after the installation of Firefox and Foxit reader.

I got the nlited version from a torr3nt website 🙂

I installed it via flash drive using wintoflash utility (google for that. it is free).


  1. Nice work! I also installed Windows 7 Home basic in my EeePC 4g. other drivers work except only for the audio. i can't install the driver. even if i used the original ASUS support cd for the audio driver.. do you know how to fix it? it always says "corrupted driver or missing."

  2. i went to the website to get the torrent and when i downloaded it, it only opens in an exe file which my computer needs to open an application to use. which one do i choose?

  3. its not nlited .. itz called tiny7. i installed it on my samsung n140 and runs with aero 100% fine. when i installed full windows 7 on samsung n140 it lagged and went really slowly …tiny 7 is awesome.

  4. WOW – That is really impressive. I have an eeePC 4G (701 I think) that a friend's mom wants me to get rid of the Linux and install windows. Would love to be able to do what you did and give it back to her running Win 7. Just wondering if you could give me a little info on how you did it ? Expecially where you got the nLite'd version of win 7…

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