ASUS VivoStick Review – Windows 10 Stick PC – TS10-B017D

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – the ASUS VivoStick is a full Windows 10 computer that plugs directly into an HDMI port on a monitor or television. See more stick PCs: and subscribe!

00:49 – Hardware overview
00:55 – Included accessories
01:33 – USB 3.0 interference with WiFi
02:44 – CPU fan and thermal discussion
02:54 – Cautions for enthusiasts
03:42 – Performance: YouTube / Netflix / Video & Web browsing
05:30 -…


  1. Lon

    Any idea if this thing can be used on a touch screen. I have an idea to use this as a kitchen calendar/grocery list/photo display. Nothing crazy, Im thinking this will be just enough with a 24-27 inch monitor. If know about that I would appreciate it

  2. Very informative review but I just stopped watching at 2g of ram and 32g of storage. Double both of those and now it's worth your time imho. 2g of ram just isn't enough to do even a couple of things at one time(w10 eats up a lot of it at idle). 32g of storage won't get you far. Windows eats up a bunch and you only have 14gb left and that's before a lot of updates. So yea, it MUST have 4g of ram and 64g of storage bare minimum imho.

  3. I won't get into any stick pc's until they can be powered over hdmi. imagine how handy it would be to just plug it in, then have your wireless mouse and keyboard over bluetooth or some other protocol, no setup required, just plug and play.

  4. I'm planning to buy one to run 24/7 at home so I can remotely connect my local networks from outside. Anyone have any experience running this 24/7? Does it overheat?

  5. These stick PC's look like they would be good for a small business, art studio, etc. Just something to access Etsy, Ebay, Webmail, a bit of Accounting, etc and the like at work without forking out the money for a full PC.

  6. I would buy one but for me 2gb of ram is just low, I can´t belive they still release stuff with 2gb ram, for win10 to work properly i will wait for something with at least 4gb of ram.

  7. Opinion…
    I have transferred my DVD collection to digital files.
    Looking for something, to attache to my non smart TV, for playback of these movies. Most under 1Gig each.
    Using the standard video player software, standard with Windows 10.
    I would also like to run MAM and some other old style gaming emulators.
    And the occasional YouTube videos.
    Basically multi media player if you will.
    Opinions, experiences ?

  8. Lon, it's funny how you say this PC is good for basic word processing, internet, movies but no much else when 9 years ago, an eeePC with an Atom N280 was also "just enough" for word, internet, movies and mail. (and "barely" still is). This X5-Z8350 scores over a thousand on PassMark while the N280 only scores around 300 ! What is going on here? Are we too spoiled or are the demands of software constantly increase with advances in hardware?

  9. Hey Lon, I have purchased this stick for thanks giving , my initial impressions were just as yours (good for web browsing speed enough) , but over the period of time, it just got slower and slower. I just use it for basic web browsing. Any thoughts on how to speed it up?

  10. Hi Lon I always enjoy your vids, as it happens I have one of these and was surprised you missed out mentioning the android app that accompanies this device. I'm not sure if there is one for iOS but the Android one is quite handy and allows you to control a lot of the media functions as well as function a mouse/keyboard for the vivostick.

  11. This type of thing would be much more interesting if they ever get small enough to fit on a key chain and low power enough to run off power provided in future TVs and monitors with USB C charging ports built in.
    It would be much more cool to be able to carry a PC the size of a normal thumb drive on a key chain and not need any power bricks to power it.

  12. I bought one for $69 US and returned it within a week because it was loaded with bloatware and 2 GB of RAM is not enough to do much of anything. It would be fun to run a light Linux distro, but not Windows.

  13. I got this device on December last year for $71 , and it does like you said Lon, just for some videos and browsing experiences, but does the job .I just used as a second device if my Nvidia Shield tv 2015 does something wrong. the Wi-Fi is super fast

  14. Lon.. Thanks for the video. I have a question, can you run this without a monitor attached? I need a small, inexpensive way to control a FreePBX box and I was wondering if this could be hooked up to a monitor to set it up and then disconnect it and it still work. I will remote into it to control the PBX via Teamviewer or something. Thanks for the help and the reviews, great as always 🙂 Rick

  15. Thank you, was looking into these cheap computers now I see they are pretty much useless unless you want to run Office or programs like that. I want something like this but I will be using Kodi in it.

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