Automatically Downloading HP Software and Drivers in Windows 8

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Learn how to automatically download and install the latest software and drivers for your HP computer.

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This video was produced by HP.


  1. Hi! I have The Sims 3, and if I put high quality on the game, he stop working, every time, and someone tell me to update my drivres….but what I saw on this video, was already programmed as video taught! 
    Help me please, it's boring play The Sims 3 in low quality 😮 

  2. thanks for info.
    Tell me one more thing that there are a lot of VGA touch screen monitors available for desktops in the market the how a VGA touch screen monitors take input from user to computer

  3. To use a touch screen on any operating system, you need hardware that supports that function. Both Windows 7 and 8 support hardware that uses touch. So if you have hardware that has touch ability, you can use either version of Windows.

  4. Exactly. It's kind of a scam because HP provides the drivers for FREE and supports the software and has no involvement with those apps, but those apps make it look like HP partnered with them. Also, those apps have no guarantees of getting the proper drivers or support for any issues that may occur from using them. I don't know that these specific apps would do this, but I've seen similar driver apps actually install viruses or other malicious code. I generally recommend people not use them.

  5. Those type of tools are not associated with HP, often are incorrect, charge for use with no guarantee of accuracy, and can cause more problems than they solve. I've had many people ask me about issues that have been caused by those type of tools. HP software and drivers are FREE to download so those tools add no value for HP customers, but they charge you anyway.

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