Backing up and restoring your computer with Windows 7

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This video shows you how to back up your PC and restore files from your backups in Windows 7. (4:37)


  1. sir, how can I backup and restore android studio 2.3.1? I have installed all plugins of android studio, SDK, SDK manager,…..

    so, I don't want to download and install it again. so sir please help me?
    I want to backup particular application, not all…

  2. If your external hard drive fails. You aren't completely fucked. Just remove the casing from the external hard drive and just put it inside your laptop. When an external hard drive fails, it's likely that the connection became lose. Rarely would a file just randomly corrupt, unless you like, unplugged the hard drive while it was plugged in while playing a video or something, then you're a complete idiot and I hope you find no solution to your problem.

  3. I am looking for the best way to have an end user backup his Acer laptop using Windows 7, Robo Copy or Xcopy may be to difficult for him, I have to reformat his drive to install Windows 10, the upgrade keeps failing, the Microsoft Store told him it might be bad ram, but I disagree, a new fresh clean install should get it to complete the installation, will Windows 10 restore a Windows 7 backup, I want to make sure that I don't restore DLL's and System Files using a full backup image that are Windows 7 specific, and cause Windows 10 to no longer be stable.

  4. In the video you expressly state ( I will also show you how to back up your files so you can transfer to a new computer) However, you did not show this. No disrespect intended. Here is my question. I back up my files, my computer crashes (harddrive is gone) I have to install a new hard drive, do I still need to install an OS OR, can I simply boot from USB and the external hard drive will do the rest? I would appreciate it if you could do a video on that. I think a lot of people have this issue and would love to see it live! Please shoot me a notice that you did such a video. If not? Can you walk me through the steps of a full hard drive failure and need a new HD, how to use this back up on external HD. Thank you… Hey also, what I wanted to back up my files to a windows 8 or 10? For my purposes all my files are actually backed up, it's the programs I would love to be able to restore with one click instead of going through the craziness of reinstalling them all. Charles

  5. It works only if you success to boot system after failure of hard disk and try to restore image from another drive Windows Image Backup,But it not work.When put boot disk and try to select previously restore image win 7 say NO.
    It is not problem on booting operating system to restore but BOOT is problem and how to get desktop anyway to see anything.

  6. When I back up all my Files in external Hard drive if I Restored it back to Factory Settings how can I get all my E-mails & I have the same user name or that Changes in the Process to

  7. Hi.

    Usually, after every six months I–

    Format My C drive

    Install pirated win 7 ultimate

    Install all driver s

    Install regular used software like firefox, VLC player.

    Set Firefox sync.

    But I dont want to sit hours and do all these procedures every 6 months.

    So, is there any way that I can create some sort of backup image dvd or usb….so whenever I want to install fresh windows..I will just copy those backup file.

    When you install a fresh windows and its driver and other softwares. ..things remain very fast and smooth for a while, before it gets sluggish. So, I want to capture that freshly image of complete windows and paste it on my blank c drive.

    Please don't recommend automated windows install. Because it will not install my drivers and other essential softwares.

    I can burn dvd for those image. But USB is preferable.

    Please help.

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