Banana Pi BPI-M3 Review – Android 5.0 L and Ubuntu Mate Demo

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This is a review on Banana Pi BPI-M3 with octa-core processor and 2GB RAM.
The M3 can run Android L and Linux distributions including Ubuntu Mate.

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Music Artist – Kajiura Yuki

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  1. I think the banana pi m3 is really a piece of junk, so full of quirks so far its only working with one hdmi monitor I have and then its not at full hd. The power management is a joke. Maybe this POC works with Android, but as for an alternative to the Raspberry Pi its not that. Rather its a power hungry hot buggy waste of money. The only reason I considered it was because it had eMMc.

  2. Gee Thanks Bro for help here and have you tried the Linux Mint 15 16 17 or Debian systems………….which run the I5 Processors so well with older Laptops and for anyone who wants to know more about these just find the LInuxMint Homepage and you can download the ISO image for free! from your Wifi Libraries or Broadband…….If this Banana System can work with these systems stated on this YOutube Video ot will probably…………FLY………….Woosh with the Linux Mint System……….from my experience!! it made Ubuntu a good system look very ordinary/slow!

  3. This is a SCAM.
    Man, you are truely lying to sell this machine ! This is a fake and you are just using a display splitter to run your demo.
    Just go on

    Thousands of people are still looking for a real supported OS in your fake machine. On 9 different images at, only Android L is partially running (WIFI and Bluetooth are not recognized at all). Impossible to boot any other OS when Android L is installed!

    Why to pay 3X the price of a raspberry 2 to get the same machine?

    The communauty will soon stop to support and buy your fake now.. Or maybe, prove it and give us fully running imgages in a link?

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