BASH shell commands pipes (commands for Linux)

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One of the most powerful, and useful things you can do with IO redirection is to connect up multiple commands with what are known as pipes.

In this tutorial i will show you the basics of how pipes work and some examples of how useful pipes can be.


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  1. I find your videos very helpful! You can explain everything so clearly. Thank you for that.
    I learn along with your videos and everything has been all right up till now.

    Where's my mistake? 🙂

    find . -type f -print | head | wc -l > -/Desktop/pipes.txt
    bash: /Desktop/pipes.txt: No such file or directory

  2. I don't see how, single dot(.) its current directory, the same as dot forward slash(./). . == ./

    Most probably what happened with you its you typed /, witch is root dir.

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