BASH Shell commands redirection ( commands for linux )

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A Linux tutorial showing you what input output redirection is and how to use it.

Show notes:
Please watch: “virtualbox vs vmware virtual machine in virtual machine?”



  1. when some said he is in love with something, he really means it, am in love with your tutorials, I have seen quite some tuts here, am not saying yours are the best, that would depend on the individual learning but to me, yours prove to be most helpful, therefore to me r the best. Hey linux Leech FANX ALOT!
    Great TUT, Keep it UP.

  2. @MasterTony21i Out of ubuntu and mint, it all depends on which one you like the look of visually. From a command line point of view there really isn't a difference. Both Ubuntu and Mint are good for beginners. When I was studying I used Sun Solaris(on a sun ray system), Debian and Ferdora in class purely because that's what was installed on the machines in each different class but I had Ubuntu installed on my laptop and desktop.

  3. @linuxleech yes that was exactly what I was looking for. I have a queston for you. I see you are using ubuntu, I am taking my first Unix class, and my instructor is having us choose between Ubuntu or mint. Which do you prefer? and is what you prefer good for beginners like me? Thanks alot man. Just trying to get familiar with the command line.

  4. @MasterTony21i You could use the head command which by default displays the first 10 lines but if you use the -n option for number of lines to display, and type three, that will display the first three lines of a file that you give it. so head -n 3 filename. Hope that is what you were looking for.

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