Basics of the Linux Command Line

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In this video I will demonstrate the basics of using the Linux Command line, and show examples of the most commonly used commands.

What is covered:
01:29 Listing a directory (ls)

02:00 Changing directory (cd)

02:47 Concatonating/Printing a file to screen (cat)

03:00 Clearing the screen (clear)

03:30 Extracting a .tar.gz archive file (tar -xvzf)

04:12 Print present working directory (pwd)

04:23 Renaming a file (mv)

05:33 Making a new directory (mkdir)

05:40 File extension wildcards…


  1. good video. I have been using Linux for about two weeks and this video would have made things easier for the first days because back then I was following instructions for everything and checking documentation for every command.

  2. At around the 5:20 mark, you re-typed the whole file name. I'm only learning Linux myself, but I'm sure you could have just pressed the 'up' arrow key. This would give you the previous command typed, and you could use the arrows to navigate to where you left out the full stop after 01. 
    Thanks for the video. 

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