Batman Arkham Knight, Steam OS 2.0, Ubuntu Meizu MX4 | Tidbits June 29

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Steam OS 2.0:

Batman Arkham Knight coming to Linux:

Star Wars KOTOR II might be coming to Linux:…


  1. Meizu MX 4.
    I got an invite, but didn't have the money.
    And now it's anyone can buy it anyway.
    If I ever get a lump of disposable income, I think it'll be sunk into one of those.

  2. Great content. Just a little question. If a game gets released on SteamOS does it mean that the game is playable in other linux distros?

    I am asking this because I tryied to install some of the Total War games a couple of weeks ago when they were on free trial. Most of these games are available for SteamOS, but i wasnt able to install them on my Ubuntu desktop.

  3. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts about Mint 17.2. As a long time mint user, I'm very interested to see where their new iterative approach leads Mint and what it adds to the Linux desktop world generally.

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