Battlefield 4 on Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1

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Side by side comparison of Battlefield 4 on windows 7 vs. windows 8.1
Just to clear the air, yes windows 8.1 is on the right and windows 7 is on left, i’m not running on DirectX 11.1 or 11.2 on windows 8.1
Both are running on DirectX 11 at 1080p on medium preset and motion blur at 0%. Rest is default.

PC Specs:
Amd Phenom || X4 840, 3.20GHz, Stock
8GB Ram
nVidia Geforce Gtx 570, Stock


  1. yeah just installed windows 8.1 to play bf4 , got a 10 fps boost with my gtx 760 , which i was struggling to get a consistent 60 on w7, i was skeptical at first but now it's all good

  2. Anybody have a problem where this game runs like shit on 64bit mode despite if you have atlest 6 gigs of ram, mine was stuttering, laging and freezing, so i switched to 32bit mode and the game works well almost perfectly now.

  3. Maybe i'm such blind, but i don't see any difference between both versions. And, from what i've heard, BF4 is the game which performance is "far better" when it is run on windows 8.1… i guess i can make conclusions now.

  4. To all those bitching and whining. Yes Windows 7 does run higher frames on older games. But you're missing the point were as 8.1 runs smoother. Whereas 7 hits these massive frame drops. I still use Windows 7. I have tried windows 8 and 8.1. I still love Windows 7. But when these newer games come out. They're going to be optimized to run better on the latest Windows software which is windows 8.1 in this case. 

  5. If u have a card that supports directx 11.1 and 11.2. You will get an even bigger boost when switching to windows 8. Not sure if this guys GPU supports those DX versions

  6. in my opinion windows 8.1 is better for gaming….and i know some people are saying that is not…but it is…one of my friends had 60-120 fps in LOL on win 7…..on win 8 he has 150-200….i will install win 8 tommorow!

  7. Framerate seems more stable with Win8.1, also we can clearly see the FPS improvements.. But the difference isn't that huge to me, like 10 fps most of the time.. Still good enough but, convincing enough for changing from Win7 to Win8.1 ?.. In my case, i have an HD 7970 3 Go, i'm 80% of the time at 60 fps or above with Mantle activated, and on Win7, would i see even more improvement with Win8.1 ? 

    Idk what to do really, to me it doesn't really worth changing OS for one game.. But will every next games be more optimized for Win8.1 ? If yes, it would worth a look !

    Thanks for the good video though.

  8. You are a fucking retard Hansjakopp.They are not ripping off anyone and there are no exclusive deals going on.Windows 8 and 8.1 have DirectX 11.1 which  Battlefield 4 utilises and that's about it.This is why you see better performance on Windows 8/8.1.At least inform yourself.

  9. fuck this windows rip off nonsense..charging the whole starving world every few years for buying into their new useless and totally overpriced os, this time again doing everything as it was before and again cutting features outta of the former onces to promote buying their new scum os.. respectively cutting support off of windows7..
    i hope linux will finally rise the latest when steambox comes out, and i hope that amd's mantle will fucking rip directx apart and im sure it will

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