Battlefield 4 Windows 7 VS Windows 8.1

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Many people have boasted performance gains from migrating from windows 7 to windows 8.1. I previously had widows 8 installed as part of a dual boot system and I found no difference in performance between the two operating systems. So I decided to upgrade my windows 8 to 8.1 and run a comparison. I have tried my best to duplicate the little segment of gameplay on each operating system, and I have also made a effort to try and keep the videos synchronised as much as possible. I don’t deny…


  1. You have inspired me to oc my crossfire setup even further, beyond safe limits… 94 average and 68 minimum FPS in Tomb Raider benchmark is the result. But i don't even think i reached the maximum overclock on my cards.

  2. MUCH better results this time, honestly they range within 5 fps of each other, but they each are faster than each other at times. This is expected, as even though its the same missions, the mission will always run a tad different each time, its not a dedicated benchmarking tool, and the overall average of both seem to be almost identical, just as me and my friend get the same fps with our 290's even though he's on 7 and I'm on 8.1.
    I think the problem with 8 is wither the driver didn't support it, and that had a small influence in the lower fps. The one thing I can notice is that 8.1 is usually about 1-3fps higher in intense situations, like explosions… but its definately not worth an OS upgrade from 7. If you're just building a PC, its beneficial to start with 8.1, as 7's support won't last forever, and its's already a 5 year old OS.

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