BEAUTIFY WINDOWS 10 (Arc theme for Windows 10)

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▸Password – !!da532!!
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In this video I customise Windows 10 with EposVox’s guide. Thanks to him. I just compiled his guide into an easy to follow tutorial.


  1. I had a problem during the loading of pack builder V.2 it freezed for 10 minutes so qi had to reboot and then windows doesnt want to start normally… I have an orange screen (my original theme color) and it says that the visuals dont work.. help pls

  2. i tried this using the original downloads and i couldnt get it to work, i had to reinstall windows… but using the files from this video it worked first time. ive been using it on my desktop for a while and im putting it on my laptop now. thanks so much for this video

  3. Great job man, I've been looking everywhere for an app that would change all my icon permanently so I wouldn't need to change every icon and folder at a time and that Icon Pack Builder is perfect !!! One thing, is there a way to use another icon pack ? Or, are the icons in the folders the ones that icon pack buider uses to rebuild ?

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