Beginner’s Guide to GNOME 3

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Recorded on Ubuntu GNOME:

Today, we’ll go over the basics of using the GNOME 3 desktop environment.

I decided to try a different format with this video. I’m planning on making a couple more videos with this highly-edited format to test the waters and see how they fare.


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  1. This UI makes no sense at all to me and seems hugely inconvenient and wastes a lot of space. The windows 10 taskbar, just like the KDE panel, are so much better. Launcher, shortcuts, open windows, system tray and clock in one small bar.

  2. So, there's no task bar (or equivalent) showing all running applications?
    You have to click "Activities" and a screen with huge thumbnails comes up, completely obscuring the view?
    Absolutely unacceptable.

  3. You fucked up linux world. Inconsistency is the word that describes the UI. Close buttons can be at the top, maybe at the bottom, why don't you right click or click there? You might find what you're looking for, cos there is no menu bar any more. Half the apps the new style, the other half the other way around. Split functionality here and there in header bar – buttons that replace the menu. Search and you shall find! LOL. And the greatest of all: You earn vertical space with header bars! Oh really? Then why the gedit's height is GREATER than the gedit2's one? xmm because finally all enable the fucking MENU bar, because it is NEEDED to do some WORK. And what about other apps like GIMP, Inkscape, etc that have a menu bar? Well, you lose vertical space too, cos the titlebar of those have increased hight to much the design!
    So, you people at GNOME, congratulations! You fucked up linux at the time that was finally acceptable for an average user to use.

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