Beginners MYSQL Database Tutorial # How to install MySQL on Ubuntu/Debian Linux

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Installing and Using Mysql on Ubuntu
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  1. apt-get install: php5, mysql-server-5.x mysql-client-5.x, php5-mysql, libapache2-mod-php5
    create database joomladb;
    create user ‘root@localhost’ identified by ‘haslo’;
    grant all on joomladb.* to root@localhost;

  2. Wow, I tried to avoid this guy cause of his accent but every time I search up how to do something in Ubuntu he pops up. Damn…Here's an upvote and props for sharing what you know.

  3. i have install mysql using the command show in video…but when enter directly into mysql it show the error ->
    [ "sunny@sunny-Inspiron-3542:~$ mysql
    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'sunny'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
    sunny@sunny-Inspiron-3542:~$ "]…..and using "mysql -u root -p " this command it enters to sql.So,now what shoud i do??

  4. I had some problems with commands from the video. This worked for me:
    sudo apt-get purge mysql-client-core-5.6
    sudo apt-get autoremove
    sudo apt-get autoclean
    sudo apt-get install mysql-client-core-5.5
    sudo apt-get install mysql-server

  5. I have entered mysql -u root -p  . I am able to login and I can see Show databases;
    But when I m creating Database table It doesn't work… it shows No database selected. Please help me to get out of it. Thank you

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