Belkin Miracast Wireless Video Adapter Review – Send Android and Windows 8 content to HDMI

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1:03 – Android Device Demonstration
3:47 – Windows 8.1 device demonstration
6:22 – Conclusion

So how does this device differ from the excellent (and much less expensive) Chromecast? The Miracast “mirrors” whatever is on a phone or tablet screen to a television whereas the Chromecast directly connects to video services like YouTube and Netflix to display video. The Chromecast also has very limited mirroring functions…


  1. Hey Lon, do you know of anyways to extend from a laptop to an Asus tbook 100? I need some extra real estate on the work computer. I'd prefer over USB or HDMI or something that doesn't using data.

  2. That was a useful review, thanks. I have a question on resolution though – if the native resolution of the device I am casting from is not 1080p, but the TV is, what resolution will the TV be showing? Basically will is use the res of the device or the TV's native resolution?

    I want to be able to 'project' a webpage from a device to a 1080p TV (wired or wirelessly – I'm not bothered) and this may be a decent way to get there.

  3. hi Lon, I am an engineer. and I can't resist pointing out the face that
    all of the devices that you mirror from do not support the MiraCast
    protocol and therefore the latency. can you make a review of using
    the Belkin adpater alongside a laptop or PC that has a built in hardware support for MiraCast? (btw, i do believe that most laptops being shipped with windows 8.1 have hardware support)

    and again thanks

  4. Please do not confuse Miracast with Chromecast. They have quite different philosophy. In every Miracast dongle you simple utilize a wireless protocol for hdmi connection. Your are in the local control of your wi-fi network. In Chromecast… you use a service… that sends request all the way to google and the response comes back again all the way to your TV. Meaning every little thing you watch and do… goes right into their "context aware" logging silos. So pick wisely!

  5. Bluetooth, wireless phones, Xbox 360 controllers, most microwaves and pretty much everything else in your house runs on the 2.5 ghz frequency and there's a lot of overlap between the channels, so there's an interference issue. 5gHz is rarely used except military hardware and 5ghz Wi-Fi which, by comparison, is quite rare. That's why Belkin recommends 5ghz networks. I've found 5ghz networks work much better for any wireless application.the only drawback is that it doesn't penetrate floors abd walls quite as well as 2.5 ghz but some big ass dual band antennae will clear that right up

  6. Hey Lon.  I'm wondering if u expierenced any Major playback issues besides lag.  I seem to get this choppy, pixel issue depending on what I try to watch or cast.  Mostly on videos but its like the connection isn't that great and its almost like when a movie skips, the image freezes and starts freaking out. It stops after a bit but I can't figure out what would be causing it?  I'm using a nexus 7 2013 

  7. Great review.
    I really have to say though, you don't have to announce every time you have to stop filming to do something. On Cable TV, where there actually are commercials, announcing breaks is a good idea. But that is not needed on youtube, I think.

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