Best Free Anti-Virus for Windows 10 in 2017 – Anti-Malware – Malwarebytes – How To Use – Review

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The best free antivirus for your Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 PC is reviewed and shown how to use in this video. Malwarebytes is the best completely and totally free anti-malware software for your computer.


  1. it really saved my life! i was not able to connect to any online session in any game thru (Steam,Origion,etc…) but this beast really did fix that issue!! 100 percent recommended

  2. In most cases, it’s not a good idea to run two security systems at once because they interfere with each other because of the real time protection. Malwarebytes, on the other hand, is an exception. Since the free version doesn’t have real time protection, you can run it flawlessly alongside another security system and they won’t interfere with each other. If you do end up getting the premium 14 day trial, just disable its real time protection options and you should be good.

  3. Constructive Criticism, Not hating….. But a Pop-Filter for your Microphone would really help your audio out a ton. There was a lot of spikes in this video. Just a suggestion, good video other wise

  4. I always heard that you do not run more than one anti virus program neither one will work if you do that. Microsoft Defender will turn itself off it another anti virus program is running

  5. Well Malwarebytes free version is good, though it isn't best.

    Malwarebytes free version pretty much only has manual scan and manual update features and though the detection ratio isn't any different from premium, the level of protection is MUCH different.

    Malwarebytes premium gives you browser and real time protection, enables scheduled tasks and enables self defense mechanism.

    The real time protection protects your PC against infection in real time, meaning it prevents installation of malware, adware and spyware on to your PC and also prevents unwanted modification of registry. With free version you need to manually scan your PC every time after you have installed some software just to make sure that free software you downloaded didn't come with any adware etc. and you just "forgot" to check what you choose and agreed to install

    Web browser protection prevents redirections to known phising websites etc. Free version doesn't do that, meaning you just might get redirected to download ransomware or adware etc. when you download some browser plugins like ad-blocker amongst other threats, remember that developers who release free software make money by advertising.

    Scheduled tasks enables you to set software to check updates and different types of system scans, with free version you must run scans manually and also check updates manually.

    Self defense mechanism is most important to fight against most sophisticated malware, ransomware and adware, it prevents anything (except manual execution by administrator) to disable detection and protection methods, free version of malwarebytes might not even start scan if malware manages to disable it and if you don't run scan on regular basis, it just might manage to even prevent being detected at all untill you run system scan in safe mode, and only if malware requires service which is disabled on safe mode.

    Ok I admit that most people who know how to use PCs safely really don't any protection software with self defense mechanisms since most protection software out there detect the most common threats pretty well, but you need to compare the differences with paid and free versions before you say what is best.

    Now I wouldn't say malwarebytes is best FREE malware protection software, because there most certainly is some other free malware protection software with real time protection and self defense mechanisms out there, but Malwarebytes premium is best malware protection software with it's price range out there (about 25$ a year for 3 computers).

  6. Things were going well with Malwarebytes free, MBAntiExploit, MBARansomware all running with My free Avast AV. I recently tried to move to MB3.0 but my oldish laptop was struggling a bit. I'm not a great knowledge on all this but wondered if my current choices are any good ??
    I'm using Avast free AV, Zemana AntiMalware [real time enabled until trial ends I guess], EMET from Microsoft and Bit defender anti Ransomware. Is this a decent layered approach or am I duplicating services? My ram usage is good with this combo though I do have two real time AVs running? No conflicts as yet. Any advice pls

  7. I have Windows 10 and i have Defender you never said if you have to shut-off Defender or not while you run malwarebytes or you can keep it on because it will not cause a problem please answer i lot of people want to know?

  8. So my system was infected by a program called Counterflix. this made ads popup on my browsers, i downloaded this program and did all you did. now i'm gonna restart my pc and I hope it fixed it.

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