Best Free Media Player Download WITH Resume Playback for Microsoft Windows 7

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To enable the Resume Playback function: View – Options – Player – Then under the History setting you can check “Remember File/DVD position”


What is a media player?
It allows you to watch video and music files.


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  2. try splayer, it has the resume playback function, well if you are trying to learn chinese, it also can automatically download a suitable chinese subtitles for the movie that is currently playing on the player. splayer, or search 风行播放器

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  5. MPC-HC + LAV filters + MadVR = Best quality. Anyone on VLC ever tried playing Hi10P? Plays like shit. Anyone ever compared VLC colors with any other Media Player? They're shit. I suppose all these VLC guys like watching their videos as pixelated porridge. Just google VLC vs MPC-HC and see how shit this '' more advanced'' is.

  6. also have a version online which uses mpc home cinama for extra hardware acellaration,and it uses dxva for nvidia cards they also have a stand alone os which they use to cale live,but now i gest its difrent since they now added it to ubuntu a linux distro

  7. oh by the way have you heard of xbmc its light weight for most modern pcs and youll be grantd a resume from where you left of.if you know a thing or 2 about deintrlacing a video then this shines in quality of image or else you get stutering in dvds mainly from what ive experienced.its self relighnt on codecs so you know u are not breaking performance whith compatibility and u can set up or use default keys for a mce remote.

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