Best Linux Distributions That Are Not Based On Ubuntu

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Here are the best Linux distributions that are not based on Ubuntu and yet beginners can use them without much efforts.
It often happens that the list of best Linux distributions for beginners are filled with Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS and other Linux distributions that are based on Ubuntu. While they are easy to use, they are not the only options available.
I try to list here the best Linux distributions that are not related to Ubuntu.

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  1. I have heard that Ubuntu is now tracking hardware and software so thought I would look for a distro that was not made around Linux Mint such a shame really I liked mint Bloody Microsoft gets everywhere. Thanks for your quick review Bob UK

  2. Trying many linux distros from last few years. When i was young and start my adventure with linux, first time I use debian but this distro is not a newbie friendly. So I looking another and another and I found Mandrake Linux. Amazing distro. After that Mandrake just split with Connectiva and they make one big distro Mandriva and this is my favorite distro. It is newbie friendly, have easy installator with gui, you can manually chose what packages you want install and what not. Also all things yoi can make with gui interface. They have free dvd version, cd one with live image version and also paid power pack. Paid is only with preconfigured few things. Also in my country they have local office and selling box version and giving full support in my language. Also they start creating own fork Linux Mandriva Xtreme – paid version for local users. For example with gui instalators for new internet usb modems. Im usingbit for years, amazing distro. But after some times Mandriva just die and commubity made few forks. Like PCLinux. Rosa. Mageia and OpenMandriva. Do after mandriva die I swith to Mageia and I stay with it until today. Now i experiments also with OpenMandriva and also is nice. So If u like distro like Mandriva jus try openmandriva or mageia. Worth even for newbie.

  3. I think Solus is the best choice, particularly for beginners. Antergos second choice. PXLinuxOS to old fashioned. Suse and Fedora to complicated to install, and I have found Manjaro unstable on my machines. Korora would be a better choive than pure Fedora.

  4. I have been using Ubuntu server and desktop for years and I still learned quite a bit from this video tutorial. Very simple and very informative for the newbies and some of us old bees. Fantastic work! Keep it up! We all appreciate what you are dong and the effort you are putting in to it! 😉

  5. I would love to hear from a newbie-friendly gnu/linux distribution that works very well on 10 years old laptops with good support for Thai language. Closest to that (though not mentioned in the video) is IMHO puppy linux but language support for other than English is a weak spot there.

  6. I was going to mail you to do a video on exactly the same thing. Thank you, the video was really good, but you could have included some clips of how each distro looks like while installation (like the calamares installer). Keep up the great work!

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