Best Linux Distro of 2017- Deepin OS | Dual boot with windows 10 tutorial + GIVEAWAY

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In this video I’ll teach you how to install Deepin OS. There are various Linux distros available today. Out of all those , I have fallen in love with the deepin OS. Developed by Chinese developers, it’ll be the most beautiful OS you’ll use in a while.



Deepin OS:



  1. I agree that this os is beutiful but there is a difrence between beutiful and useful.Try to do more complex things on linux…sometimes everyday simple task and you will find out what the hell
    i'm talking about.

  2. When I install Linux, I've never created a /home partition. If I did create a home partitian and wanted to install let's say Linux Mint or some other distro, will it use my home partition so I don't loose my documents and files? just curious.

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