Best Linux to Replace Windows XP

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Microsoft withdrew support for Windows XP in April of 2014. There was 1.25 Billion Computers running Windows and 38% of them were abandoned by Microsoft with no support. There are only 3 options if you run XP.
1. Pay the Microsoft TAX and buy Windows 7 or Windows 8
2. Buy a new Computer
3. Install Zorin OS for FREE and still do all the things you used to do in Windows XP.
Zorin is faster and it is supported until 2017.
You can surf the web, check your email, watch YouTube and Netflix and…


  1. How do you install Zorin over Windows XP? I have an old Sony Vaio RX-680 running Windows XP. I want a new OS since Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. You're only showing the features of the Zorin OS not how to install it. WTF? I thought this was a "how to" video, not extolling the virtues of an OS!

  2. First of all- I am not familiar with this distribution, so I might check it out at some point, awesome video.
    A note to whoever is reading this, I think all Linux distributions have the same softwares (applications) to use – if "lean" distributions (like Xubuntu meant for weak computers) have the basic documents processor and power point like tool already built in- it shouldn't matter. You can always add softwars via the app store (most are free and legal because the are open source, Linux being what it is) in point and click methood (I'm referring to desktop editions and not servers).
    It comes down to how it looks- and this distribution get an A+ when imitating windows. However, if you dived into how to make an ISO bootable disk on key or CD for the first time – takes a little getting used to, but you might want to try something else.

  3. The disto's from Antix (MX14, MX15) also will work. A lot of us care little that Micro$oft
    has ended "support" for XP in any case as Redmond has so abused the update process
    at this point I disable it and rely on third party aps anyway.

  4. 100 percent agree with this post. Running Zorin right now and have been for months. No Anti-virus, no constant auto updates, no hassles. It will run on just about any halfway modern machine very well.

  5. I don't want to offend you but this comparison is ridiculous.
    What I mean in particular is the task manager which shows the high CPU load and RAM usage: This is obviously not an idle machine, there are probably programs running in the background.
    Not even on a Pentium 3 at less than 1Ghz speed would you have a CPU load that high on XP.
    It also uses much more RAM than an idle machine would use with XP.
    .An idle XP machine would maybe use 150-200MB but not more…

  6. How well the video is running depends of many things. 😉

    Most important; are you using hardware acceleration?

    Regardless of the OS, by using hardware accelerated video player, you can dramatically reduce the CPU load when watching a video.

    Sometimes it is enabled by default, sometimes you have to enable ti by yourself. For example in chrome, you can view it by typing chrome://gpu on the address bar that shows that which things are hardware accelerated and which are not.

  7. Zorin looks goofy XP looks friendly – that's a fact. You said I can playing games on Zorin just like on my XP. This is ridiculous. Then please run on Zorin my favorite XP game, NFSHP2! Haha. Good luck! Maybe in Wine if you have a power plant computer haha.

  8. I really want to get rid of XP and have gone through miles of video's on here and from one video to the next the confusion grows.. Some video's suggest that you need to have a "Virtualbox" set up before installing the Linux based program. What do You think? One thing that all of these video's suggest is that installing Linux is some major "Piece O Cake" ; if this were true I would have it installed by now…. I went into the BIOS and set it up so that it could only boot from and detect my DVD / CD driver; the floppy, CD player and HDD were disabled in the boot up section… Yet, every time I put in the Zorin disk the computer does not recognize it, asks for the proper boot disk or choose the correct drive. There's got to be a way around this crap… AND for the XP person that posted,, when you consider that you paid $200 for that program and it's still not even your's; I would consider that a problem. Even as my computers "Administrator" I am not allowed to go into places or make the changes I want. I have seen way too much of "The program You are trying to run is not a win 32 whatever" and "Your program could not be installed, it did not pass win-verify32" Admittedly, out of all the programs I've installed, Windows XP was the easiest; but, they have been trying diligently to put a stranglehold on the computer software market and they are as close to a monopoly as they're ever going to get.. I just don't need to be a contributor to their corruption… Anyway, what do I need to do to get a Linux system on my computer…. We need to know if we need a "Virtual Box" first, what about a "Source Code" (what is that anyway)? Send me Your Thoughts James

  9. You ppl poss me the fuck offffffffffffd literally been on my pc for fucking hours trying to fuxking figure out how to install this bullshit on an old xp with a usb

  10. funny thing is you guys say this can be done with linux , but it cant be done with Amiga a A1000 it CAN BE DONE and has . a 1979 technological system , and only better 2 megs of ram running 14 things at once in true real- time true multitasking no hard drive . Faster and about 5% resources used, and now better with later systems with hard drive and more ram. of course u can add more ram and hard drive to the a1000 as per the videos on you tube true plug and play . Even a parisc chip. now try that with your so called superior x86 systems. Yes, it has been done.

  11. I am really considering installing Linux on my xp desktop but I need to ask you about security. and here is the video i an referencing :  The Truth about Malware and Linux    please watch it and let me know something.

  12. Worst video ever,You never explained why you have a process pulling so hard as to use 50 percent cpu on windows.It just does not idle at 50 percent usage,be real.

  13. Graham there is a problem. I never use linux before but ever snice windows xp end of support is coming to an end. should i move to linux? i got alot unconcern feedback from people saying linux is risky and worse than windows. but im trying to hurry as much before april 18 comes. any ideas? :/

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