Better file searching in Linux Mint 14!

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the best way to search for files, folders, media, pictures, documents, and even text within documents!


  1. Excellent!  Thank you for this.  I have used locate regularly, but had no idea that this GUI front-end for it existed – it's not exactly well-advertised.  Linux has been short of good search utilities that don't require the command line and knowledge of regular expressions – this looks like a reasonable substitute for Windows Search.  Without chancing on your video, I would never have known about it.  I'll try to spread the word!

  2. KDE desktops come with Nepomuk Semantic Desktop search, which dose the same thing as well, it has a background service running and indexing/polling for changes to index folders specified in configuration. Comes with filters, and other bells and whistles.

  3. Excellent tutorial – I didn’t realise that I had Catfish already installed in my box (I’m running Voyager Linux). I’d never heard of the programme, but what an amazing tool! So powerful for finding specific text files. It seems that one can only update the search index as the system ‘administrator’. Thank you so much for the tutorial 🙂

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