Big Daddy Linux Live! 1-13-18

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Support the stream: Just another Saturday talking about Linux!! BDLL!!

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  1. Thanks for the upload:) Sorry I missed you all last week. Was having some major computer issues (user errors, mostly, of course). Looking forward to hopefully making it to this week's broadcast, though. Cheers!

  2. Hello Rocco ! Here for Dolphin:
    But I would install Xfe which allows you to open Xfe as root while having the standard Xfe open and you can have six panes (three as root and three as a standard user) !
    No chat visible on this upload: your decision or is it an option for certain subscribers ?

    If you decide to install Calculate, Adrien and myself will help you with any issue you might encounter ! By the way Calculate after your updates has already the kernel 4.14.13 which is patched !!! During the installation process you can choose your drivers for the graphics card !

    Best regards,

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