Big Daddy Linux Live! 4-7-18

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Welcome to another BDLL! Just another Saturday night talking about Linux!!

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  1. that is very true about linux being a true plug and play compared to windows.good example of that i could take my nvidia card pull it out and but a amd card in and linux would see that and i would not have to reinstall linux unlike where windows would have a fit.

  2. Hey Schyken/Rocco, is the analogy " it isn't locked, you just haven't opened the door" actually reflective of the situation ? .. I mean if I shut you in a room and remove the door handle you're gonna consider yourself locked in right ?, the fact that hardware stores sell door handles isn't really going to be that comforting. 😉

  3. Windows 8.1 Pro is Microsoft best OS hands down!

    That's an excellent point about Ubuntu being opensource @DistroTube.

    Another excellent point about Ram usage since XP!

    I'll add we also witnessed the birth of x64 bit CPU architecture during the reign of Windows XP!

    XP had things on lockdown no doubt!

  4. On the history of Windows?? DistroTube are you trolling again lol.

    Windows 3.1 was garbage and Windows 95, 98 and 98 SE 2000 were all very good especially 2000.

    Windows Me was awful and XP was rock solid so was 7 and 8.1. Finally Vista was mediocre and 10 is garbage.

    Windows only ever made three bad operating systems.

    Windows Me, Windows 3.1 and Windows 10 w/ Me being the worst by far.

    Microsoft was doing a bang up Job until they changed there model to data mining.

    Windows 10 is far less stable than Vista. Vista was actually very stable.

  5. These streams seem to get better wich each new one. Nice to see Run with the Dolphin. Funny guy too. If you can't change the theme on a distro, then I won't use it and go for one you can. Strange I upgraded from 7 to 8 to 8. 1 to W10 and never had any problems after an upgrade. Breeze dark theme one of the best theme's there is.

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