Blog: The Ubuntu 16.04 Family

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Sharing a little how my week has been and sharing a little what is on my desktop while discussing the impact of Ubuntu and its derivatives in my life.


  1. I like Unity but I do agree it does getting boring I use Unity off and on but the number one Linux Desktop I use is XFCE since it's so customizable. Heck I'm using Ubuntu Mini and what that does it allows you to install Ubuntu on to a computer that don't support booting off USB, CD, or DVD (which my computer can) and I got it where I can install XUbuntu with nothing on it (like Arch). The installer is easy it's like install Debian and once you're done it's like Arch you gotta to install all the programs yourself.

    But I do love using Ubuntu Mate, I got it running on to my low-end HP laptop that came with Windows 8 (the funny thing is about this laptop it felt like it can't even run Windows 8 CPU gets too high but thats what I get for grabbing a cheap Walmart laptop) I use that on Kodi and it runs really good and quiet.

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