Boot time comparison: Windows 7 vs. Windows XP –

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Boot time until Windows is usable. In this case, I chose firefox and my website to be ready as an indicator for this. Blogarticle:


  1. Usually the guy who is wrong should shut up: you.
    If you refer to the fact that I replied to your 6 months old comment, I didn't even check that since it was the most recent one on this video.

  2. @bubblecupcakes123 Why do you think this is fake? Try it yourself: format your c drive and install a FRESH Windows XP and a FRESH Windows 7 in it. Windows XP boots up faster then Windows 7.

  3. @roland340 no xp was good but it's time for your mangina to move on plz why you may ask well xp is shit i can't run pinball anymore on a brand new system i have had it for hmmmmmmmmm……………. 1 week whole fucking week

  4. Win 7 slows down after months just like the previous Windows versions. Boot-up difference between XP, Vista SP2 and 7 is minimal (if any) – all of them are very quick after a fresh install, all of them slow down greatly after installing aplications, codecs etc.

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