Boot Time Comparison: XP – Win10 @ Pentium 4

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Stopwatch: From the boot „beep“-sound to the Windows desktop (with all notification icons).
Pentium 4 – Boot Time Comparison – Windows XP vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows 7 vs. Windows 10. (Clean Install)

Boot Time Comparison with old Hardware: Pentium 4 (3,2 GHz, HT), 2,5GB RAM, GPU 512MB ATI X1650, 250GB HDD @ 7200rpm


  1. result:
    windows xp is fastest
    windows 7 is fastest with completed features
    windows vista is slowest with completed features
    windows 10 is slowest with implemented features, a lot of bugs, slowest store and simplest menus😧

  2. Honestly Microsoft, with the amount of revenue cashed in, surely a stable design can be achieved by now without needless encumbrance to users for the sake of innovations. I trembled at the thought of Windows 12 and how ridiculously backward it will be, yet to be forced upon users! I am still having to resort to XP as I am now.

  3. What I think of those systems:
    1st Windows 7: It's stable and it has a nice design.
    2nd Windows XP: The design is old (it's from 2001), but it's very faster (install it on a netbook)
    3rd Windows Vista: SP1 sucks, SP2 is stable but laggy, and the design is very awesome, same for startup
    4rd Windows 10: Startup is very slow, and it's very unstable as a OS (six bsods on two months on my gaming pc. Serious? My PC has got 16GB of ram and an Intel Inside Core i7). Windows 10 is trash, 7 is the best

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