Boot time Ubuntu 9.10 vs Linux mint 8

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Which one boots faster. Does Mint make any enhancements for the better or worse, see this video to find out!


  1. @chris07081 LOL use whatever you like man .. that is what makes LINUX unique .. you have soo many distributions to choose from for your liking .. your not stuck under 1. Unlike winblows and mac 😛

  2. @sookster54 Wow, you've been using linux for a while. It's only been 14 months for me and I've tried to use Debian but quite honestly, it just doesn't seem like the distro for me. Maybe I'll like it more when I learn more and more about linux. I'm running PClinuxOS right now. Great implementation of KDE4 I must say. Yeah, same thing happened to me when I upgraded to rawhide in Fedora.

  3. @adnan786lol ok truly disagree i wont also pay a buck to MS but i find linux stabler securer faster and well architecture…

    especially linux mint 9 are also user friendly…if you havent yet try them…

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