Boot-up/Shut-Down Race: Windows 7 HDD, Ubuntu Hybrid Drive, Lion SSD

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We race 3 computers, 3 different operating systems and 3 types of hard drive. We are informally testing the boot up times and shutdown times.

Jose’s HP has 4 GB of Ram, an Intel Core i3, a 500Gb Hard Disk Drive and is running Windows 7.

Joey’s Acer Timeline X has 4GB of Ram, an Intel Core i3, a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT (a hybrid drive, 4GB SSD, 500GB HDD) and is running Ubuntu 11.04.

Angela’s Macbook Air has 2GB of Ram, a Core 2 Duo, a 64GB SSD (Solid State Drive) and is running OSX…


  1. Arch is the only one on that list that i can't think of a flaw for. Gentoo, takes forever to compile everything. Debian, software is super old. FreeBSD, not compatible with all linux software.

  2. Wow.. just.. wow.. That windows computer was cra..
    did he buy it for $1 behind 7-eleven?
    That was SHIIIT
    my computer with
    AMD phenom II X2 555 black edition
    8 GB RAM
    radeon HD 6970 2GB ram
    with a HDD on 7400 RPM with lots of shit on it boots in about 10 seconds. not just window, but from when i press the start button to the desktop

  3. sorry, in terms of benchmarks, firefox+chrome are much faster.
    (except with javascript and even then it's milliseconds)

    hell, even safari, does better with the overall benchmarks.
    and you won't catch me installing it on a windows computer.

    oh and god forbid you use IE9 64 bit. – might as well throw your computer out the window.

  4. knowing the underhanded tactics that Micro$oft takes to ensure that we all pay the windows tax, it wouldn't suprise me. just look at what they are doing with secure/restricted boot with uefi… shady as hell, especially with the arm devices.

  5. safer?!?! you have to be joking right? internet explorer is the most vulnerable point on your os. a vast majority of malware utilize ie because of its ubiquity and its lack of security in favor of impressing the end user with "visual effects". please don't tell people this.

  6. @eGeniusesTV That's a good point. I'd recommend getting a cheap SSD and then a 1TB HDD on top of that, but then again, this is a laptop with only one drive bay.

  7. @eGeniusesTV I wouldn't grab a Vertex 3, I'd get the Agility 3, they're cheaper and faster, newer stuff. A 60GB Agility 3 SATA3 will run you around $100 at Newegg.

  8. eh u put win 7 on an ocz vertex 3 or patriot wildfire SSD and you'll see who will run faster than.

    And i'm sure any linux would boot faster than windows/OSX operating system on an SSD

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