Boot Windows XP on HDD vs Booting Windows 7 on SSD

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Future Storage SSD running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 420 (3GB RAM) and booting Windows XP on a Seagate 500GB HDD on the same PC


  1. @fillrobs Well the only problem that remains is that my BIOS is loading extremely slow…. sometimes it gives the error the bootmanager is missing, press ctrl + alt + del to reboot.
    after that it boots fine.

    Did many startup repairs, even made new bootmanager… all doesn't work… BIOS keeps loading slow.

  2. @melizardman sorry I didn't respond – didn't see your comment – no trouble here – used a SATA SSD set PC to RAID mode in the BIOS – installed the OS. Are you still having trouble?

  3. @metroidgus It's a good point – I was just showing what I put up with before my double switch from Win XP to 7 and HDD to SSD – check out my other video for SSD Win 7 vs HDD Win 7

  4. this really isn't a good comparison since you, there are many factors that could slow down or speed up loading times you did not account for. 1st thing the OS you cannot compare the proficiency of the drive while using two different OS's, secondly you had a what it looked like a clean install of win7 and a bloated xp which arguably slow up and speed up the boot time for the respective computer. SSD's are in fact faster than HDD's but this video shows it in a deceptive way which isn't necessarily

  5. Hi, I just bought a SSD but just read a lot of stuff on the internet about Dell XPS 420 that it isn't recognizing the SSD as a SSD.

    So did you had a lot of trouble installing the SSD in the XPS420? Do you have the SSD set to AHCI?

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