Booting and running Windows 7 x64 from a PCIe NVMe SSD Samsung 950 Pro

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Booting and running Windows 7 x64 from a PCIe NVMe SSD Samsung 950 Pro.


  1. I thought you were going to show us how to do a 100% clean windows 7 x64 install in to a 950 pro with no OS installed and how to get and load the driver.. this is mostly pointless of a video. Your video title is completely a scam.

  2. Hello mimaklaj thanks for the video really i telling past two month very struggle try to installed Window 7on M.2 960EVO but after see this video its helps lot and very easy to understand to install thanks a lot once… all the best for more videos

  3. so when you reinsert the drive that you removed, you'll have the same problem again? the computer will want to boot again from it or windows will still keep going with 950pro? I'm assuming that if it will keep going with the 950pro then all you have to do is just format the original drive?

  4. Very nice. Even if you wanted to install fresh, you could install Win 7 on any spare hd, add your cloning software (Macrium is free and will work for non-Samsung, also Aeomei) then copy over. Very nice so much easier than other solutions requiring two SATA drives, lots of copying.

  5. Where is this driver you are installing???? I am on the samsung sight and I see no driver downloads for the m.2 950 pro???????

    Furthermore, I am running the win 7 installer from the install dvd! How do I install a .exe before I have windows installed????

  6. it boots so fucking fast you cant even see the windows logo and the login screen. FUCKING IMPRESSIVE HOLY CRAP

    so you installed windows 7 on a drive, installed the drivers for the pci-e adapter?, then cloned to the samsung 950 pro ssd and then booted from it? right? what if i plugged directly into my motherboard m.2 slot. do i need a seperate drive with windows already installed?

  7. Many thanks for the video! Tried it and i had no problems booting from the new drive but when i removed it now i can't boot from the old drive.

  8. Thanks alot dude:)
    I followed your video and my 950 pro works like a charm,tho first time I did clone it crashed on 99%. Tho if it happens to anyone else,just get into task manager and end task.
    This is far the best and easyest way to get your 950 pro working.Ive been stumped on this for a few days now.

  9. kannst du bitte mal zeigen wie man eine 950 pro installiert? also auch mit treiber und allem was dazu gehört. wird eine 950 pro nicht auf z97 boards ausgebremst? würde die erst sinn machen mit einem z170 board/system und win10 ?

  10. I can't find the NVMe drivers on the official Samsung website. Have these been removed? I am only able to find the Samsung Data Migration Tool and the Samsung Magician Software (and their documentation). 🙁

  11. Ich kann die NVMe Treiber auf der offiziellen Samsung Webseite nicht finden. Wurden diese entfernt? Ich kann lediglich das Samsung Data Migration Tool und die Samsung Magician Software finden (und deren Dokumentation). 🙁

  12. Hi, are you booting in UEFI or CSM mode?

    Is a pcie adapter required for 950 pro or can it be plugged directly into a m2 slot on newer chipsets aka z170?

    Cos I read lots of reports online about 950 pro not detected by various motherboards

    Thx for advice

  13. don't you have to change stuff in the BIOS? I read all kind of stuff about making changes in the BIOS. This looks like a neath and simple solution, especially with Windows 10 (if it works the same… installing windows 7, upgrading it to 10, do the same 'trick')…

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