BOSS: Indian GNU/Linux distribution | Installation & Review in Hindi

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Hello Friends,

In this video: I will show that What is BOSS Linux ? How to install BOSS OS on Virtual Machine? full review and Installation of india’s Linux Distro BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions).
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BOSS Linux: Desi Penetration Distro | install Metasploit FrameWork in Hindi

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  1. remember KALI linux users has a common psychology that WE CAN hack and have a better OS

    but remember KALI linux can't make you a good expert

    first of KALI linux uses pre installed opensource apps designed for security auditing

    so there is no difference

    95% of kali linux users even dont have technical knowledge about network security they do the same availabe information of known type of attacks , vectors

    we found BOSS as a good distro of linux based and about its update all linux distro get their updates based on the Platform whether it uses YUP , DNF , APT-GET or RPM or deb etc

    so BOSS , fecora or REDHAT or Debian whethever there are updates available

    and from the security point of view BOSS linux we found that it is too ahead than KALI or PArrot OS

    and more BOSS linux is LSB certified KALI is not

    second BOSS also a DEBIAN Based distribution as same as KALI linux

    the biggest advantage of BOSS linux what we have tested is BOSS linux itself can be deployed as ADVANCED SERVER , whereas KALI can not or only few like REDHAT etc can do that

    KALI also not so clearly compatible with LSB standards but BOSS do

    and more BOSS kernel and KALI kernel are same and entire operating system is working in kernel space and is alone in supervisor mode , which is good

    still it need few works

    india and entire indian opensource community does not even realized the potential of their own OS , they have already designed and developed a Advanced server operating system as well as a very stable secure distribution a decades ago

    I request to join a platform to encourage BOSS in india and abroad

    meanwhile if anyone want to contribute in REDHAT SPONSORED projects mail me at

    or visit my page at


  2. No latest news since 2016, which is very sad and also current status seems like they dont want to work further on this beautiful distro. Also the iso size is very big 4.2gb, which I think is the reason of its failure. In 2016 I had to wait 4 days to download the full size iso. They could have made the iso size smaller and later via the ppa tools they could provide updates and other application. Os was very good but poor implementation led to failure of the project. Now I am using mint without any hiccups and enjoying linux world.

  3. TechChip Bhai Please ek video bana Firefox pe Maine Firefox-esr ko remove krke Firefox ka latest virison install Kiya 2018.1 par but jab mai browser open krta hun to firefox-esr hi open hota hai aur firefox-esr ka logo bhi aata hai..
    Aur Terminal me firefox type krne par errors aata hai..
    Firefox not found

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