BrainBread 2 Tips | PC (Mac, Linux) | Cheats and Tips Wanted

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BrainBread 2 Tips | PC (Mac, Linux) | Cheats and Tips Wanted

POST YOUR QUESTIONS or any BrainBread 2 cheats, tips or help you may have in the comments section. Thank you!

Achievements List
Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the Steam achievement or achievement specified.

I have plans for you!: Your first zombie kill

Getting Started: Reach level 5

Noob Camp: Complete The tutorial

Advancing: Kill 25 zombies

Gladiator: Win a match in the Arena

A fresh kill: Kill a…


  1. the apartment is a chill spot to hold out in, once you clear out to one bandit close the door and farm xp by killing infected through the window above the pawnshop. the npc inside will re-spawn but yells fist so you can take him down quickly and have plenty of time till he spawns next, also lots of weapons in the shot and theres vents in the building that allow access to the offices for more weapons and grenades. propane tank is in the back room so throw that and the grenades out the window for more kills per shot, and the propane room has a door so you can afk and go on reddit or some shit with the overlay if you dont feel like doing anything. i call it the traphouse of champions.

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