Breathing new life into your old PowerPC Based Macintosh Computers using Linux

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In this example, I will be using “MintPPC” which is built on top of Debian. You can also use other distros, such as Lubuntu.
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ISO Links:
G3, G4 Macs:
G5 Macs:

Info on fixing blank…


  1. HELP!!! I installed lubuntu 14.04.4 alternate install on my tangerine
    iMac G3 400mhz slot-loader from 1999, and i can't get a display. I have to plug in an
    external monitor to get a display. when the os is first loading, the
    display shows until the log on screen shows up, then it goes completely
    dark. Does anyone know how to solve that issue? I searched up and down
    the internet, and all i can find are stupid forum sites with 1000
    different possible answers that just seem to give the runaround and i'm
    not finding a straight answer. i'm also new to linux, so i'm having
    trouble understanding all the commands and code words. is there any
    drivers or software i can install?

    other than that, it seems to work just fine. it actually runs pretty
    fast for how old that computer is.

  2. Very interesting but I have one problem with it. Why is it the quality of this video was shitty at best. If you want a fuckin' real good looking video then how about your cheap ass afford a god damn good quality video recorded or maybe you could screen record you stupid shit.

  3. The divide is G3 or G4. In my case I gave up on imac g3, little documentation and very long install time (over an hour) with a blank screen. Because Debian do'es not load correct video module. You have to load it at boot up. Yes it's possible to get into command line and edit files, but it still don't work.
    I finely gave up and install 10.4.11 and am happy with it.

  4. Hey guys, I know I could have shown some footage of it running. I apologize for the lack of that. My computer conked out after trying to record this 3 times and I had to record and edit it on a 1st generation iPad Mini. I am truly sorry. I still hope this helped someone and I hope you all enjoyed the video!

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