Build an Ubuntu Linux Computer

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Build your own Ubuntu Box with low cost quality parts known to work with Linux. This quickly shows you the required steps to assemble the hardware.


  1. its the driver, tho i have a 5850 and don't have any problemes .i used to when the system was new tho, (2 years ago… damn my rig is fucking old)

  2. My grandmother have an old pc (which used to run Win 2000 or older) but she got a lot of viruses, trojans and stuff. she had a lot of problems with it so we put in the latest Ubuntu in it and the latest version of Ubuntu worked better and was faster than Win95/2000 even on that old computer 🙂

  3. @bikutorusan
    Currently im running on a desktop(Ubuntu 10.10 i dont really like the new unity thing on ubuntu) using an AMD Phenom II x4 965 black edition running @ an overclock of 4.2GHz, a duo crossfireX 5770 ATI radeon(sapphire) video card 8 Gigs of ram, etc etc and runs just fine and this is saying alot due to the lack of support for AMD/Ati, not struggling no issues, nothing. maybe if you run things with unity try downgrading

  4. my new pc build thats gonna run pinguy os 11.10 and win7

    msi p67s-c43
    intel core i5 2500k
    kingston gamer 2 4gb
    gtx 550 ti 1gb
    600wattt psu
    19inch LED monitor
    cooler master 690 II

  5. the 630a chipset doesn't do AHCI/ native command queing, and doesn't play really well with the Newest SSD's. (or at least OCZ ones) from my experience

    The ASUS M4A78LT-M uses AHCI, and I haven't found a feature on the board yet that isn't supported. Even temp and fan speeds report properly. (I haven't tested turbo key yet)

  6. @tabbiepsu
    you are welcome, also
    Sudo aptitude update works too. i just tested it out, another alternatives is to go to and look for the drivers manually>linux>Ubuntu same for nvidia

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