Building a Windows 10 Reference Image Using MDT 2013 Update 1

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Here we go again. It’s that time to start building your reference image for Windows 10. This video is a long one, but it’s jam packed with everything you need to get yourself up and running with MDT 2013, deploy applications, get Windows Updates from WSUS, capture your deployment for later and automate your deployment by 95%.

Visual Apps & Scripts –

Create a deployment share –
Importing Application -…


  1. Your statement saying the machines should not talk outside your LAN is incorrect, we have setting up a huge amount of MDT servers. Currently we even tend to install MDT, AIK and WSUS so we can update our deployments if we didn't have the latest patches in the reference image. Also your error only needed to reinstall MDT, then import your deployment share and regenerate the WinPE.
    Don't get me wrong, I do like your videos because once in a while nice additions/features/configs come across, your never to old to learn.

  2. The same old MS, they seriously just cant make anything simple and easy for you! Everything has to be complicated, documented, structured, and too damn expensive. And yet, You still need to tweak, hack, customize, and make your sort of personal solution to make it work properly like you are working on *nix clone.

  3. Hey Bernard, since the mdt 8443 update my sysprep and capture image no longer prompts for any location? I've seen a few posts on 8443 breaking the ztiutility vbs script have you had any issues?? When capturing


  4. Great video. Very much helpful.

    Can you please advise why do we need a reference image at all? Can we not directly deploy Windows 10 from source files?

    is there a GUI where bootstrap.ini can be modified with explanations it seems there is no standard file any where.. there are so many custom attributes..

  5. Bro, are there any special setting's in Vmware to PXE Boot to the Wim file? I had to remove Hyper-V, VMware won't install if Hyper-V is added, just checking ahead of time. If our good friend Benard is too busy does anyone else know? Thanks everyone! Tony

  6. Hey man, your videos are great! Unfortunately the dropbox link has expired for the scripts etc. Would you be able to refresh it? If no not worries! Or if there is an updated video on this that I've over looked just let me know 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Hey BTNHD,

    I have been following you for a while and your video's are very easy to pick up and cover everything you need to know, but when i put in SkipProductKey=YES it won't skip my activation screen why is that? because it is getting very annoying.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi Bernard, thank you for your tutorials on MDT 2013. i have been tasked to deploy windows 10 enterprise. everything is working fine except for 1 thing. Network discovery and print/file sharing appear to be disabled. is there a way to enable them using the unattend.xml file?


  9. Hey Dude,

    Thank you so much your video is what i have been looking for which is giving me the right information i need to learn to deploy within my company. Will be following you best training i've seen!! Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. i got this error when i try to pxe boot and use my admin informations etc

    invalid credentials network path can not communicate or not found

    any ideas never had this issue before when i pxe boot just after i needed to to re image my server


  11. Using some knowledge from your older videos, i prepped, captured, and was able to "deploy" W10. However after OS Install and Reboot, the PC boots up and says an OS wasn't found. Deployment share works and deploys W7 without issue. Just testing with 10 for future use. Any ideas?

  12. hi there. I used the MDT 2013 update 2 and follow steps exactly as seen on your video; for some reason, I have too many issues when doing the reference images. Below are the errors. If you please can help, I will be very much appreciated. no answer file could be foundfailure (Err): 53 copy file c:minintunatendxml to c:windowspantherunattend.xml – file not foundfailure (5627): 2: Run DISM.exethere are much more errors. I am sorry that could not copy and paste.

  13. Could you make video building Windows 10 reference machine and deploying in SCCM 1511 with the help of Task sequence not capture media and please apply as much customization as possible including enabling TPM.

    Thanks for your Great work.

    All the Best

  14. Nice Tutorial

    I would like to install clean. but I don't know how do you setup the following task in sccm task sequence. My friend is using a script called gather local data and process rules with customsettings.ini file but i don't know how to use it

    For Non Existing Computer in AD
    Show all the task sequence
    Credential to use the whole process
    Check computer Model (if the driver exist for that model in Sccm source directory, proceed to next step)
    New Computer Number
    Organisation unit
    Summary before Proceed

    For existing Computer in AD
    Show only the specific task sequence ( if the computer was build as win 7 x86, show only task sequence win 7 x86)
    Credential to use the whole process
    Check computer Model (if the driver exist for that model in Sccm source directory, proceed to next step)
    Summary before proceed

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