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  1. I downloaded the patch and changed the fps limit to 144 fps in the .iri silentpatch file and the game looks great but it increases the game speed. So I capped it at 100 fps to see it would fix it and the game runs like a dream, Silent is a beast!

  2. Hey SWEGTA did you know Troy Miller could be gay. In his dialogue he says "Quit thinking about guys dude" and "i am not confused, i am so not confused" he also likes Russell…alot. so hes the new Trent…

  3. after 1 year, now everything will be a little better hahaha, thank you very much swegta, I do not know if this patch solved an error of mine that I have, that is / was throwing me error (bully stopped working) at 3 or 4 hours play it, the patch solves that kind of error? (i have 60fps patch,ver 1200)

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