Burn ( Fire ) in Linux (Ubuntu)

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Burn (fire) effect when opening and/or closing windows.

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  1. I noticed alot of people are wondering what to put for window match. I went through this same thing until finally I realized i was going about it the wrong way. Once you have all compizconfig manager, and animation add ons, just follow this video to enable what you need to. Then go click animations and look on the top of the list in animation selection. If you see the one that has the word sun in it, rename that one to Burn. Be sure to have the burn option underneath that checked. good luck =)

  2. I have compiz installed on my machine and all of it seems to work except the effects. Put burn on ,but nothing happened. None of the animations for the window actions seem to work except wobbly window. Anyone know how I can get the effects to work.

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