Camera Not Working Windows 10 – Quick Fix

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In this brief tutorial, I will show you guys how to troubleshoot the camera or webcam not working in Windows 10. This could be caused by the installation of corrupt Windows Updates or drivers.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).


  1. This was a very well done tutorial. Very easy to follow. However, I have tried this, and several other suggested solutions, and I am still having the same issue. I have a fairly new laptop that came with the Win10 OS, and the Win Camera App is used to open the camera. The camera works while in the hardware settings, and also with Skype, as well as a few random photo editing apps, but the app will not open when you click on it. Do you have any tips?

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