Can Ubuntu 12.10 Replace Windows 7

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Ubuntu 12.10 (2012) is a very well known and popular linux distro that uses the unity desktop environment. It is completely free with a lot of free open source software including an office suit. Why keep paying for windows 7 when you can get an operating system that grants you freedom? But… Will Ubuntu still let me do my day to day tasks? Let’s see if I can do all the things I usually do with Windows 7 with Ubuntu 12.10 ­čśë

WARNING: This is just a concept episode for the new series which…


  1. I was on windows 7 then I switched to Windows 10 and then I checked out and seemed like they were giving free iso files and I had the app by Oracle called virtualbox so I downloaded ubuntu 14.04 and installed it then I accidentally broke it by updating so I got ubuntu 16.04 I so and loved it.

  2. The only app you ever need on ubuntu is playonlinux it will install Windows/MS-DOS (.exe) apps to your Linux ubuntu there is also a app called playonmac it is the same thing except for mac

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