Can you upgrade to Windows 10 for free in 2018? Let’s find out

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In 2017, Microsoft announced that at the end of the year, they would be ending the free Windows 10 upgrade offer to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, who used Assistive Technologies. Back in 2016 when the original Free Windows 10 Upgrade promotion ended and Windows 10 upgrades for regular users were “no longer free” as many would think, the only thing that actually changed was the Get Windows 10 promotion (GWX app) was stopped. Anyone with a Windows 7 or 8.1 system running Genuine Windows…


  1. Hello brother, I have a problem in my computer and it is a kind of cq57 when I play call of duty 4, the game is running for a few minutes and then the computer turns off suddenly. Is there a solution?

  2. Yep! This does prove that Microsoft allows Windows 10 to be installed using the equivalent edition Windows 7 and later product keys.

    I know I was able to take my dad's laptop, which was sold (used) with a counterfeit copy of Windows 7 that was lazily preconfigured, then re-enabled UEFI boot, and used the Windows 8 Single Language product key in the BIOS to install Windows 10. Only real difference I could notice is that the logon background in Windows 10 Home Single Language appears to be different from the regular Home and Pro versions.

  3. Good to know but I can't stand Windows 10. The last Windows OS I liked is Windows 7 so I've moved on to Linux. I love Linux. It just works for everyday computing, web browsing, etc.

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