CentOS vs Debian vs Ubuntu

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What is your opinion of CentOS vs Debian vs Ubuntu?

Debian is definitely harder to use, but that’s one reason Ubuntu is popular.

Ubuntu is the African word for can’t install Debian.

Actually, it means everyone. But everyone who can’t understand the technical questions the Debian installer asks should go with the simpler Ubuntu.

Debian has its own drivers for devices, making it more compatible with a lot of devices.

Ubuntu supports more devices because they don’t need volunteers…


  1. For stable server use Debian. For server that requires latest and greatest (Ruby On Rails) use Ubuntu Server. For simple services such as apache, mail server user CentOS. Out of 100 server mother board 90% Ubuntu and Debian will have the drivers for it. 30% CentOS will have drivers for it. Stable comes from his well your OS detects the drivers.

  2. As a new Linux server "administrator" I am having a problem getting things installed and running on CentOS (Opsi and FOG are the two main ones), where as Ubuntu server appears to play nice.

    Again, I am still new to this and am trying to figure it all out. Sadly for me my boss likes CentOS so it looks like I will have to struggle through making it work.

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