CentOS vs Ubuntu vs Mint

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What do you think of CentOS vs Ubuntu vs Mint?

So you’re comparing neck and neck the top two and an odd outlier.

So which one is the outlier.

CentOS is the oddball, while Ubuntu used to be number one until Mint replaced it as number one.

CentOS is supposed to be heavily tested and verified.

All Linux versions get that reputation, and Ubuntu maybe even more so since their developers get paid.

Ubuntu has the ads from Amazon.

If you rely on volunteer developers and testers like CentOS,…


  1. This video suck!!! EVERYONE knows that Ubuntu, and for that matter, all debian-based systems can't get anywhere near the awesomeness of Redhat-based systems. 1) Redhat Enterprise Linux… 2) CentOS… 3) Fedora… 4) Suse Enterprise Linux… 5) Mac OS X… 7) Windows 7… 8) Ubuntu… 9) Debian…  

    Folks, if you want to use Ubuntu, you might as well just use Windows 7… 😛

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