CES 2012: Windows 8 Demo

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Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer of Windows, gives the crowd a demo of the Windows 8 preview during the Microsoft keynote at CES 2012.


  1. Windows 8 was so bad. It completely missed the point of a computer, it's entirely meant for phones. I'm still stuck using it, it's all compromise, i only use the desktop, never go into the tiles, it's a clusterfuck of programs ive installed and don't really use etc, all the clutter of a normal computer all over the metro. Plus the metro being fullscreen is the most retarded thing ever. No one wants fullscreen on a computer thats why it's called windows so you can go between the windows with ease. and i dont care about apps, i care about programs. Ebay isn't an app, it's a website on my browser.

  2. Windows 8 is pretty good for me, the functionality of it is better than of windows 7, i can pin my favourite games and apps to the start screen to see whats new and to get going quick. the file explorer is basically all i need to get coding and modding work done. I don't really see whats wrong with it, I think its a refreshing new system, faster than ever and better looking than windows 7, the only problem is some old games don't run and the start menu isn't there.

  3. I am happy you gave me an intelligent answer. Yeah you are right. I download tons of shit from piratebay. 3 years without a single problem. This is the reason why I consider mac again, but I might go for a Sony Vaio next time.

  4. No its not an opinion. its very well known in the laptop world. You know it too. PC need anti virus right away, and you constantly need to be very aware of what you do. Eventually the computer will start slowing down and all that. Mac are running from day 1 without any anti virus even though you can get it. 8/10 pc users will see a dramatic change while probably only 4/10 will see that. If you can't see that then you choose to. Its not a opinion.

  5. I don't think so. its a common problem for pc users. Mac users without a lot of tech knowledge keep their macs running with no problem for a long time. Its not the user.

  6. Macs are quite cheap now a days. Do you know why people stay on macs? Because the build quality is great and the OS is flawless. My computer have lasted me for 3 years without a single problem. I use my laptop every day for several hours. W8 is ugly as fuck and fuck the computer after a few months use.

  7. Computers have nothing to do with sexual preferences. Plus, I'm a PC collector owning about 18 computers, not counting scattered parts. Think twice before you post such ignorant comments. Youtube is not all about fighting in the comment section.

  8. Macs are for queers. Honestly they are. Theres not a simple thing you can do on Macs that you cannot do on Windows. Macs, as for as I know, don't even have HDMI output/input wtf is that?

  9. What did MS not get? The Mac had this Start Screen in OSX for years now. Not even mac users are using it..so why would MS change the OS to force us Windows 3.1 all over again. MS bring back Windows and move this new OS to Windows Tablet.

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