CES 2013: Ubuntu Mobile OS Hands on

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Ubuntu provides a fast and beautiful experience, even on inexpensive hardware. It…


  1. it has a search bar that searches your phone and the internet in a unique way, but thats the closest at the moment, at some point we'll probably see google now on Ubuntu touch!

  2. the reason why he thought it was bb10 its because most of the key features of the blackberry swipe gesture were inplanted into the ubuntu app, the os itself have nothing to do with blackberry but the user interactions and fontions are like a blatant failed copy of bb10, trust me i know a lot about both, i am using ubuntu since 2005 as only computer os, and also read a lot about bb10 since a month ,i know both systems and im very curious to know who copied who in there…upcoming lawsuits…

  3. BB10 has nothing to do with this. This is ubuntu which is a "Linux" distribution that's used on computers, and now there's a copy of the same OS for mobile phones.

  4. It should be able to reply a message right on the notification bar so if we're doing something like watching video, it doesn't get interrupted. No other OS can do this yet.

  5. Even ubuntu brought something out faster than blackberry. This kinda looks a bit like the new blackberry os, at the detriment of the latter. Good job

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